What Are Some of the Financial Services We Provide?

June 9, 2023

Christian Help sponsors an Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) program, as well as education relative to Personal Finances to facilitate stability and growth toward financial independence.

The EFA program helps stabilize and avoid crisis situations. Monongalia and Preston County residents in need may receive a grant-in-aid to support a stable living environment, maintain health care, or obtain documents critical to securing employment, job training, and benefits. Funds are pledged to underwrite rent, utilities, non-utility home heating, medication or medical equipment, or fees for photo identification or birth certificates. Support is restricted to a set allotment per rolling calendar year. Confirmation of need and legal obligation, as well as voucher acceptance by the involved vendor is required. Our network of vendors is extensive, and our reputation and payment record with them is stellar.

The Personal Finance seminar is designed to encourage financial independence and stability. Financial literacy and tools are essential for economic empowerment, mental wellbeing, and healthier development through life. Topics covered in the seminar include reasons and principles for budgeting; goal setting and prioritizing; budget tracking and reality check tools; types of credit and creditworthiness; building and repairing credit. These subjects are also contained in the take-home handout materials, including practice sheets on each subject. Theory is linked to reality in the practice sheets. The seminar is taught by subject matter experts from the community. These educators often remain available to participating students on an as needed basis while they apply the skills taught. The seminar is open to all who are interested.

Those interested may obtain additional information on these programs by stopping in or calling Christian Help at 304-293-0221.