About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Christian Help is to respond to situations of emergency and need with immediacy and simplicity, respecting the dignity of all persons in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Your help is welcomed in all forms. Whether you contribute your time, items or money, you support our overall mission and create goodwill in the community. It takes a village, as many hands make light work. Help us be His hands and feet on earth.

Our Identity

We are a devoted, local non-profit that has been serving the Morgantown community since 1975. Our mission is to provide compassionate assistance to individuals and families in need or facing emergency situations, reflecting the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. We strive to respond with immediacy and simplicity, ensuring that every person we serve is treated with the utmost dignity and respect, regardless of their background or circumstances.

For nearly five decades, we have been a beacon of hope for the people of Morgantown, offering a helping hand in their time of need. Our dedicated team of volunteers and staff work tirelessly to create a positive impact on our community, providing essential services such as food, clothing and financial assistance, as well as emotional and spiritual support. At Christian Help, we believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most, embodying the true spirit of Christian love and compassion.


How does Christian Help aid the community?

We strive to meet the unique needs of our community in a manner that only our local, nimble organization can – by offering the hope and tools needed to help stabilize, encourage, plan and move forward with dignity. The greatest teacher of all time gave this basic instruction to all of us. Christian Help gives dignity and support in unexpected and emergency situations at no cost. Learn more about our mission!